Sourdough September

Sourdough bread is one of the best types of bread you can eat, especially as it both tastes amazing and boasts many health benefits.


Health benefits

For people with digestive intolerances such as IBS, sourdough can be a great choice, as the combination of bacteria and yeast in the dough helps to predigest some of the starches in the grain and flour, meaning there’s less work for your body to do! Another great health benefit of eating sourdough is that it naturally preserves itself through acetic acid. This develops during the process of making a loaf. So, rather than consuming the toxic preservatives often found in bought bread,  sourdough will self-preserve. No added chemicals, it does it itself!





Eat the real stuff

The health benefits of sourdough only stand when you’re eating an authentic loaf. Generally, one bought from a bakery local to you is the safest way to guarantee you’re eating authentic bread. Real sourdough requires only flour, water, and salt. When you purchase ‘sourdough mixes’ from the supermarket,  the mix can have up to 20 different ingredients in them. The Real Bread Campaign runs a campaign every September encouraging people to ‘say no to #sourfaux’ which the campaign describes as any product which uses the following ingredients to masquerade as authentic sourdough: commercial yeast, yoghurt, vinegar – or other added acidifiers, flavourings, and preservatives.




Go local

Sourdough September encourages people to shop local, supporting their local bakers to buy delicious, authentic bread to enjoy the many health benefits it offers. By shopping local, you’ll be directly putting money back into local businesses. This will help to build a strong economy near you – especially important in times of recession. In addition, you’ll also be building relationships in your local community. This will allow a better understanding more about the food you’re eating, where the ingredients are from, and the process of your sourdough being made. Once you’ve eaten delicious, locally bought sourdough, you’ll no doubt be ready to bake your own!



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