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The Bite Network represents a vibrant community of local food and drink businesses, throughout the North West and beyond. We make it easier for your business to be found and easier for consumers to find and engage with you.


Why support independent, local food and drink businesses?

  • You’ll be supporting local farmers and producers
  • You’ll be putting more money into your local community
  • You’ll enjoy a greater diversity of produce
  • You’ll be reducing the distance your food has to travel
  • You’ll get good value for money
  • You’ll find it easier to eat seasonally
  • You’ll be sustaining your local high streets and markets
  • You can cut down on wasted packaging
  • You can take better control of the food you eat
  • You’ll be helping to protect your local countryside
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Where to Buy Local Food and Drink

You’ll find hundreds of independent local food and drink businesses on our local food and drink map: Butchers, Bakers, Farm Shops, Markets, Delicatessens, Greengrocers, Fishmongers. Not to mention plenty of specialist retailers too, such as: wines and beers, chocolate shops, coffee and tea specialists, and many more. When you shop at these businesses, not only will you enjoy greater diversity of choice, you’ll also be supporting a local business, local people and your local economy. Choose from businesses within the counties of: Cheshire, Cumbria, Lancashire, Manchester, and Merseyside. As well as some from neighbouring counties. Visit our local food and drink map.

Find Local Food and Drink Events

Whether it be a farmers market, a food and drink festival, or a regular local food market; our local food and drink map has dozens of great events for you to visit, right across the North West and beyond! Click here for upcoming events.

Find Places to Eat

From cafes to resturants, outside caterers to local pubs, the North West has a great choice of local eateries to choose from and our local food and drink map will guide you to the ones nearest to you.

Find Local Food and Drink Producers

There’s a great abundance of top quality food and drink producers for you to choose from here in the North West. Search our local food and drink map and you’ll find food and drink producers of many types: Cheesemakers, Brewers, Bakeries, Fruit and Vegetable Growers, Meat and Dairy Farmers, and more.

Local Food and Drink Loyalty Rewards

If you enjoy searching out the enormous variety of great quality local food and drink we have around us, then you should have a BITE REWARDS card! Your BITE REWARDS card can be used in any of the participating local food and drink outlets you’ll find listed on our local food and drink map, and it will give you access to lots of fabulous foodie benefits! Registering for your BITE REWARDS card is really simple and it’s completely FREE. What’s more, your card can be stored on your mobile phone, so you should never forget it! If you’d prefer, rather than having a digital card on your smartphone, there’s also an option to buy a physical BITE REWARDS card and these cost just £2.50 from any of the participating outlets . Find out more!


  • FREE to register!

  • Enjoy lots of delicious foodie benefits

  • WIN tasty prizes in our FREE prize draw

  • ONE CARD you can use at DOZENS of participating outlets

Local Food and Drink News

We’re constantly scouring the North West for the tastiest local food and drink news. From local food and drink events, to interesting new produce and businesses you could be enjoying and visiting,  we’ll deliver the news to you here! If you have, or know of any local food and drink news we could feature, please get in touch.

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Sourdough September

Sourdough September

Sourdough bread is one of the best types of bread you can eat, especially as sourdough both tastes amazing and boasts many health benefits. Health benefits of eating Sourdough For people with digestive intolerances such as IBS, sourdough can be...

Celebrating Great Taste

Celebrating Great Taste

Celebrating Great Taste Bite Network members celebrate Great Taste awards success! Organised by the Guild of Fine Food, each year, the Great Taste Awards acknowledges the hard work and dedication of some of the UK's best food and drink producers. This...